Permanent exhibitions

The Rally Museum & Rally Hall of Fame

The Rally Museum was opened in June 2016. It is located in Mobilia's main building. The Rally Museum exhibits a wide range of rally cars from different eras. It also portraits the development of rally sport since the beginning of the 20th century. The Rally Museum exhibits iconic rally cars such as the Mini Cooper S, Ford Escort and Audi Quattro, among legends such as the Saab 96 which was especially popular in Finland during the 1960's and 70's.

The international Rally Hall of Fame is also located in the Rally Museum. Rally Hall of Fame is a unique collaboration with AKK Motorsport Ry which exhibits internationally famous rally stars and their cars here at Mobilia.

AKK Motorsport Ry (a member of Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) acts as Mobilia’s partner in the Rally Hall of Fame project. Even though this is a Finnish project, the principle is that the gallery must represent rally accomplishments objectively in the whole world. This is why nominations to the Hall of Fame are made by an international committee. The members of the committee are Kari O. Sohlberg (AKK board director), Michèle Mouton (former top driver, promoter and FIA Women & Motor Sport committee chairperson), Neil Duncanson (Rally World Championships promotion company director), Martin Holmes (veteran journalist) and Pekka Honkanen (Director of Sports Museum Foundation in Finland).

Rally Hall of Fame

2010 Erik Carlsson, Paddy Hopkirk, Rauno Aaltonen and Timo Mäkinen

2011 Walter Röhrl and Hannu Mikkola

2012 Michèle Mouton and Carlos Sainz

2013 Björn Waldegård, Andrew Cowan and Tommi Mäkinen

2014 Stig Blomqvist, David Richards and Ari Vatanen

2015 Juha Kankkunen, Colin McRae and Sandro Munari

2016 Henri Toivonen

2017 Shekhar Mehta

2018 Markku Alén, Ove Andersson, Simo Lampinen and Reinhard Klein

2019 Jean Todt, Seppo Harjanne and Timo Salonen

Mobilia Classics

In the Mobilia Classics exhibition visitors are able to admire vintage and classic cars from different eras. You can see vehicles of notable people as well as rarities, such as a Mercedes–Benz Waxenberger. The cars on display are changed from time to time.

In close connection with the Classics exhibition, we offer other Mobilia Classics Services, including storage space rental services, car restoration and rental services. For further information contact Petri Niemenmaa / Sales petri.niemenmaa [at] tel. +358 400 425 063.

Museum of Roadworks Site Huts and Bunkhouses

Museum of Roadworks Site Huts and Bunkhouses is an outdoor exhibition which describes mobile worksites that were an important part of Finnish road construction and unemployment management in the 1950s and 1960s. At the mobile worksites the workforce was huge and reached its peak in the winter of 1958/59, when there were more than 50 000 people working at the sites who would have otherwise been unemployed. Around 16 000 of the workforce took lodgings in the bunkhouses.

There are huts for many purposes: apartments, offices, tool sheds, canteens and even laboratories. Later on, the mobile buildings were used as warehouses, recreation rooms and as huts for traffic counters. The huts that are now at Mobilia have been transported from the road districts of Savo–Karjala and Turku.

For groups, there is a possibility to book a guided tour of the Museum of Roadworks Site Huts and Bunkhouses – please contact customer services asiakaspalvelu [at] tel. +358 3 3140 4000.