Mobilia car hire – general terms and conditions

Upon booking a car hire with Mobilia, customer will be sent a booking confirmation of the hire. If the customer cancels the booking at least one calendar month before the start of the hire, a 50% charge of the total hire price is charged. If the booking is cancelled less than a calendar month before the start of the hire, the total cost of the hire (100%) will be charged.

The hire cars are picked up and dropped off by the customer to Mobilia (Kustaa Kolmannen tie 75, 36270 Kangasala). Any special arrangements for pick up or drop off must be agreed separately. Cars must always be returned with the same amount of fuel as they had at the start of the hire. We always aim to have a full tank of fuel in the car at the start of the hire.

If the customer exceeds the agreed hire time, extra hourly rate is charged as defined in the hire contract. If the car is not returned with the same amount of fuel (a full tank), a separate invoice will be sent to the customer post-hire for the cost of the fuel and any additional administration costs.

Mobilia retains the right to replace a car with another similar car of the same hire value if the original hire car is not in working order or has a technical fault. If there is no equivalent car model for the same cost available, customer has the option to choose another car for another cost of hire or cancel the contract.

If the car breaks down during the hire period, customer must contact Pohjois-Hämeen Tiepalveluyhdistys 24-hour line: +358 (0) 40 555 9601 / Maria Piiramo. Tiepalveluyhdistys will arrange for a pick up for the car and passengers back to Mobilia. Mobilia will replace the broken car or offer a refund to the customer.

Customer is not responsible for any technical issues with the hire car. Drivers and passengers of the car are comprehensively insured according to the Finnish road and car insurance requirements. Accidents resulting from driver error carry 150 € excess for the customer. Mobilia is not responsible for any third-party consequences resulting from a hire car breaking down, except for the points mentioned above.

The use of the cars for weddings and celebrations is permitted. Any decorations must be attached so that no damage to the surface (painted and otherwise) is caused. If rice is thrown during a wedding celebration, the car must be returned fully vacuumed. For any cleaning Mobilia has to undertake after the car has been returned is charged separately at 150 € to the customer.

Customer is responsible for any parking or speeding fines, and any costs resulting from those that are issued during the hire period.